What kind of web applications can be created with Angular?

web applications can be created with Angular Technology

Today many companies want to provide their services online. It usually requires the creation of a dedicated web application. It differs from the classic site in more complex functionality. The development of such applications usually takes a lot of time and involves the use of remarkable frameworks. Today we want to discuss which type of web applications are more suitable for angular and what are the benefits of using this framework.

What is Angular?

Today, only some people develop software from scratch. There are a large number of frameworks and libraries that have open-source templates that you can use to create your unique project. Using such tools has a lot of advantages, but the most important thing is that it makes the work of programmers as easy as possible and increases the speed of software development.

Angular is one of the most well-known frameworks, now widely used to create complex, rich applications and websites. It is owned by Google and has been used to make many different platforms we use daily.

It is a reasonably complex tool that includes many templates and unique tools. With their help, you can create a complex software product with excellent functionality, a convenient tool, and a very convenient interface. All applications built with this framework are highly scalable, easy to grow, and stay competitive.

Which industries can use this framework to build applications?

The choice of web app tech stack is of great importance because the quality of the final result depends on it. Today, there are a large number of industries that use Angular to build their web applications.

Payment systems

One of the most famous payment systems, PayPal, used this framework to create its application. It allowed us to process large amounts of data and provided good security.

Another example of using Angular to create applications for payment systems is Standard Bank, which is very popular in Africa. It is one of the best online banking services on this continent.

If you want to create a new payment system, then you can find the necessary tools and templates to create a better application in this framework.

Video hosting

The most famous video hosting in the world, YouTube, uses this framework to create the best scalability. Today it is one of the most visited sites in the world. It is worth saying that Google also owns this video hosting.


One of the most famous emails, Gmail, also uses Angular extensively. Integrating this mail into other applications based on this framework makes it more accessible. Also, this can run smoothly and quickly, thanks to using Angular.

Also, using this framework allows you to simplify the interface and make it as intuitive as possible.

News agencies

Media outlets can also make extensive use of Angular to build applications. So for example, the most respected financial magazine Forbes used this to create an online version of its publication. In addition to a user-friendly interface and an extensive database, this allows you to automatically update information in existing articles so that users can receive only the most up-to-date information.

Job search platforms

The IT industry is developing at high-speed today, and many specialists today work as freelancers. The most convenient tool for finding customers are various platforms such as UpWork. Today’s famous platform uses Angular to create a responsive one-page interface that combines an intuitive design with many useful features.


Tourism has long been a huge industry. Many airlines are keen to allow their customers to buy tickets online. The JetBlue airline platform was also built using Angular. It enabled coping with a large load and ensuring good interaction with users worldwide.

Who is this framework for?

Angular is suitable for building complex, feature-rich platforms with a good interface. Software development here is quite complicated because it requires a lot of knowledge. You can hardly find a more suitable framework if you have a big team, sufficient funding, and a unique idea that can compete successfully in the market.

Also, it is owned by Google, so if you want to build apps geared toward this tech giant, this is the framework to go for.

Who is not suitable for this framework?

This framework has a very complex syntax that requires much knowledge and skills. To work with this, you need a large team of high-class specialists. All applications created with this framework have extensive code, which requires a lot of experience to work with. The maintenance of such a team is quite expensive, so you need to have good funding.

In addition, building applications with Angular takes more time compared to other frameworks.

Thus, this framework is unsuitable for small startups with few specialists and limited funding.

How to choose the perfect partner to build an Angular application?

Today, a considerable number of companies outsource software development. It allows you to optimize costs and get high-quality results quickly. If you are looking for such a partner, we advise you to pay attention to the SECL group. This large company has been operating on the market since 2005 and has offices in the USA, Canada, and Ukraine. It has completed hundreds of different large and small orders for customers from other industries.

Among the main advantages of cooperation with this platform are:

  • Extensive work experience;
  • Experienced team;
  • Orientation to the client;
  • Good feedback;
  • Low cost of services.

Before you contact an outsourcing company, think carefully about your project and understand how much work needs to be done. Experienced SECL group specialists can offer you their ideas on improving the product’s quality, but only you determine what result you want to get.

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